Community Centre

The hives in the apiary at the moment seem to be non standard. We therefore need to standardise them to the most common in the UK which is British Nationals.

We have purchased some new hives and transferred ours to them. This means that we have 2 hives we purchased this year available to be used.

We have also purchased 2 Children’s Bee Suits which can be used.

There is always extra equipment needed during the year.

Feed, mainly fondant in winter and sugar in spring.

In beEKEeping, an eke is a wooden frame, the same dimensions as the hive, used to provide temporary additional volume to the hive where we can feed them.

Clearing boards, which is a way to move the bee down when you’re ready to extract honey.

Then honey extraction.

Start off with a stand and alighting board. Lifts the hive off the damp ground and allows plenty ventilation.

Approx £30 plus postage